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I am a highly motivated, enthusiastic and positive individual who is dedicated and keen to achieve my full potential within the IT sector. I possess outstanding business and technical skills and am seeking a position in an innovative and commercial environment that ideally utilises my IT qualifications, experience and creativity.

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Skills Overview

HTML/XHTML (8 Years) – I have used HTML and XHTML for the over eight years and I therefore have an advanced understanding of how to use it efficiently. I strive to create all web pages that are W3C.org compliant and I always ensure that the pages I create are cross browser compatible. I have much experience with many web development programs such as Adobe GoLive, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Studio but I will always prefer to code pages directly not using the available WYSIWYG features.

CSS (5 Years) – I have been using CSS for the past five years and really have a passion for designing CSS based web sites. I can quickly develop fast, efficient, accessible and attractive Web pages using pure CSS with XHTML to create tableless page layouts. I create optimised pages for search engines and I apply the best practices to develop cross-browser compatible Web pages.

SQL (5 years) – I have used Structured Query Language (SQL) to write queries and scripts based on ANSI/ISO standards in order to build and maintain database structures for the past five years. I can update database content, retrieve data from single or multiple tables, process data with row and aggregate functions and manipulate data with sub queries. I can create views to break down problems and enhance security and have learnt how to create Cursors and use them effectively. I have studied and put into practice database normalisation techniques in order to create organised and effective relational databases. PLSQL (Oracle procedural extension language for SQL) is something I also have experience with writing and debugging in conjunction with database functions.

ASP (5 Years) – I began using classic ASP in 2004 while at University where I created several projects, including Killer Indie, a fully functional e-Shop selling music records. I was awarded a first for the project, which is partially visible in my online portfolio. I have since gone on to create blogs and other projects including the website for the company I currently work for. I have experience of interacting with Access, MySQL and Oracle databases from my code, using efficient SQL statements and manipulating the retrieved data to give a desirable appearance with effective use of XHTML.

ASP.NET (VB) (2 Years) - I started using VB.NET in October 2007 when I went on a Learning Tree training course courtesy of my company. I have since had the opportunity to interact on a daily basis with the technology. Since my first interaction with VB.NET I have gained experience with projects in and outside of working for my company. I have since become more proficient at both coding and debugging to solve errors and build necessary additions to my companies’ internal systems. I have started to really enjoy using VB.NET in conjunction with Visual Studio 2005/2008 because of the way code is split neatly between different pages. I have much more to learn and I am really eager to push forward and improve on my knowledge and experience in this area.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – SEO, is something I have started to generate a real passion for and during the last year I have been reading blogs, learning techniques to improve a websites page ranking as well as putting my knowledge into practice. I realise the importance and difference it can make to a company by being at the top of a search engine so I have tried to learn all I can in the area.

Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady – I can confidently and effectively work with Photoshop using different layers, masking objects and I have been building on my skills during time with my current employer and with projects outside of work.

Macromedia Flash – I have completed a few small projects using Macromedia Flash and therefore I have a fundamental understanding, I can create interactive movies with image transitions, buttons and movement. My experience with flash has been to use it mainly as add-ons to web pages.

Operating Systems – I can confidently use Microsoft Windows and have used many different versions including Windows 7 (95 onwards). I have also used (Red Hat) Linux and Mac OS X.

Software and Technologies Capabilities Adobe Suite (Photoshop, ImageReady, GoLive), Macromedia Suite (Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks), Microsoft Suite (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Visual SourceSafe, Visual Studio 2005/2008, Team Foundation Server), Sound Forge, IIS, Oracle, MySQL, JavaScript.

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Full CV available upon request

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